About us

                Cool Escapes began as a way to market our single treehouse rental in Oxford, England, where we learned the ropes and discovered gaps in the market. We launched our first brand in 2018, which became a viral Instagram brand, @TheCabinLand (1.2M followers), that reaches millions of cabin lovers every month. Wanting to make this an accessible space for other property owners, we began to branch out in 2021 to provide marketing services and industry-specific software solutions to properties around the globe!

We understand this market because we're a part of this community. We know that many hosts today are struggling to hit occupancy rates and require targeted and unique streams of marketing. With niche web channels and social media-informed decisions trending, we create tailored marketing services for clients, big and small, and have developed Checked.In, our digital guest manager software, to help hosts improve their customer experience.

In creating Cool Escapes and our associated brands, we aim to serve the niche and help magical stays find their way within the short-term rental market, which is currently underserved by major aggregators like Airbnb, Booking.com, and VRBO.

As of 2024, we have a foothold in 46 US states, 5 UK regions, and various EU countries, and we're working hard to grow our footprint and bring many more into the fold because no matter what, there's room for all of us!

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